Feedback from Alumni, Mr Sher Ali, UMISAA Graduate

Testimony Afghansitan - 9th February 2014

Mr Sher Ali, UMISAA
  Mr. Sher Ali, Alumni, UMISAA

Respected Ma'am:

Hope you are doing well.
I am fine and a bit busy.

After graduation, I am working on Khadim Ali's project that some of his miniature paintings come on the carpets, weaven in Afghani style. I used to weave carpet from my childhood so now I am dealing with  technical  things.  Also there  are some plan that  we are working on. One is an exhibition at "Milanigallery june 2014, and. the other Australian War Memorial Museum Dec/Jan 2014-15
Also one in Hong Kong - All with collaboration with Khadim Ali.


Sher Ali
UMISAA graduate from Afghanistan