Afghanistan News

News Kathmandu, Nepal - 28th November 2014

Dr Sayed Mossadeq Khalili, Minister and SAF-Afghanistan Director, participated in a panel discussion on the 18 SAARC Submit

Hon'ble Dr Sayed Mossadeq Khalili, Deputy Minister of Culture of Afghanistan and Director of the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute in Kabul, Ms Chime Palden Wangdi, General Secretary of the Tarayana Foundation and SAF-Bhutan, Vice Chairperson; Dr Nischal N Pandey, SAF-Nepal Chairperson participated in a panel Discussion on the 18 SAARC Submit in Kathmandu.....

Conference Vasant Vihar, Delhi, India - 18th November 2014

Slide Presentation by Mr Hamidullah Arefi, SAF- Afghanistan, Secretary in the Meeting of Governing Council

SAF-Afghansitan briefed the activities took place in 2014 and shared future Plan with slide show.

Testimony Afghansitan - 9th February 2014

Feedback from Alumni, Mr Sher Ali, UMISAA Graduate

After graduation, I am working on Khadim Ali's project that some of his miniature paintings come on the carpets, weaven in Afghani style. I used to weave.....

News Kabul, Afghanistan - 22nd September 2013

Contemporary Art Performance by former students of The UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of South Asian Art (UMISAA, BNU,Lahore)

I thought you might be interested in our girls Kubra and Masooma's activities in Kabul! Please read the press report! These young women are certainly going to change things..

News Sharnoff's Global Views, Afghansitan - 4th June 2013

An Interview with South Asia Foundation-Afghanistan, Secretary

Afghanistan’s history and culture are profoundly interwoven with South Asia. When the Taliban destroyed the colossal fifth-century Bamiyan Buddha’s and other priceless Afghan art, the South Asia Foundation (SAF) pledged to protect Afghanistan’s cultural heritage...