Afghanistan News

News Kabul, Afghanistan - 30th November 2015

SAF-Afghanistan seeks Herat’s cultural heritage preservation through “Dissemination Courses”

One-time capital of the Timurid empire and seat of learning and the arts, Herat has flourished throughout history as a rich city-state, and been repeatedly fought over. The city is as much Persian as it is Afghan, and wears an air of independence as the country’s old cultural heart.

News Bamyan, Afghanistan - 18th September 2015

UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Center for Preservation of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage organised an Awareness course in Bamyan

SAF-Afghanistan and UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Center for Preservation of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage (UMCPACH) organized an awareness course on Afghanistan's cultural heritage preservation in the first Cultural Capital of SAARC, Bamyan....

News Kabul, Afghanistan - 16th July 2015

Appreciation letter to Mme Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO by Prof Omara Khan Masoudi,Chairman, SAF-Afghanistan

wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciated your recent statement expressing concern over the destruction of cultural heritages in Iraq and Syria, Mali and Afghanistan. Your outstanding and tireless efforts to preserve world’s shared cultural wealth is invaluable. I heard through the news that you referred to the destruction of historic monuments and cultural heritages of religious, education, art .....

News Kashmir, J&K, India - 28th June 2015

Recounting Kashmir By SAF Scholar Mr Mohammad Zakaria

It has been one year since I have come and stayed in Kashmir. During the past one year, Kashmiri society, culture, beauty and nature have become expressible. I realized books and newspaper are inadequate to know something. The more we travel the more we come near to the reality....

In the media Kabul, Afghanistan - 25th April 2015

Madanjeet Singh; A Humanist and Philanthropist says, The Kabul Times

Born in Lahore on April 16, 1924, late Madanjeet Singh was graduated from the Lahore government college and then earned M.Sc. in Technical Chemistry from the Italian Institute for Middle and Far East in Rome....