Inauguration of Afghan Women's Painter at the Madanjeet Singh Institute for Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage

News Kabul, Afghanistan - 7th May 2008

From left to right: H.E. Mrs H.B Ghazanfar, Women’s Affair Minister, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Prof. Farhad Alim Dean Faculty of Fine Arts Kabul University, surrounded by young Afghan women artists.

"This is the first independent art exhibition of the Afghan women and it convey, the new creative vision of young generation that symbolically expresses their experiency from Life Center for Contemporary Arts, Afghanistan."
Rahraw Omarzad, Director - Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan

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Dear Mr. Madanjeet Singh,

I congratulate for the exhibition. It was a wonderful exhibition.
Wish you all the best.
Best regards
Rahraw Omarzad

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SAF (South Asia Foundation)

SAF is one of the most responsible Foundations of the South Asia region focused on cultural development and art efflorescence. One of SAF's main goals is presenting the culture and civilization of this region to the otherworld regions. Mr. Madanjeet Singh is the Founder of SAF. He is one of well known cultural in Indian subcontinent. He is also UNESCO special representative and UNESCO goodwill ambassador.
Mr. Madanjeet Singh has served to the region by establishing SAF Offices in most South Asian countries and funding different fairs toward presenting the culture of the region. He is currently staying in France.

Mr. Madanjeet Singh has funded the painting exhibition of Afghanistan women. He has also helped conducting the South Asian Exhibition in Kashmir in India with participation of the eight South Asian countries.
In 2000, Afghanistan right a year after a very long cultural inactivity received the membership of SAF requested by the former Minister of Information, Culture and Youth, Dr. Sayed Makhdom Rahin. This membership helped Afghanistan with building capacities, active participation in Paris International Fair, and conducting UNESCO Institute for maintenance and protecting the national cultural heritage.



UNESCO-SAF Madanjeet Singh Institute of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage

How Kabul painting exhibition for women and girls conducted?

Dr. Hussn Banu Ghazanfar, Minister of Women's Affairs visits Mr. Madanjeet Singh, founder of SAF in Nov 2007 when Minister Ghazanfar participates in a conference about Molana Jalaluddin Balkhi in India. Mr. Singh, the goodwill ambassador of UNESCO, agrees to fund one of the National Painting Exhibition of women and girls in Kabul and possibly a regional painting exhibition and more cooperation with Afghanistan women. Following, a national painting exhibition conducted in Kabul and the best arts were selected by expert committee. These best arts will be displayed in South Asia Painting Exhibition in Srinagar in India on May 2008.

From the vision of Ministry of Women's Affairs

Minister of Women's Affairs (MoWA) is one of the only organizations who works for the civil and social rights of Afghanistan women and protects them. MoWA makes policy, brings new plans, and develops short or long-term strategies to promote the life statues of women in every life uspect. MoWA also works for the cultural development of women through its especial units and departments. Conducted national painting exhibition in Kabul is one of MoWA initiative toward women cultural development and promotion of painting art among women and girls. Conducting Kabul painting exhibition was financially helped by SAF and technical support from Faculty of fine Arts.

The History of Painting in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of a few countries where you can find the olden worls arts in. The researches of Archeologists from Research Center of Tokyo Cultural Heritage show that the paintings at the edge of Bamyan Buddha's are made oldest world paintings, which are made by oil color. The researches of Japanese and French Archeologists with the newest radiogram technology show that twelve of Bamyan Buddha's paintings are made in 10th century. Professor Midde from Japan says that oil-coloring  style in old paintings in Bamyan has astonished him.

This painting  exhibition held by Ministry of Women's Affairs, SAF and the Art Faculty of Kabul University. The technical support and assistance provide by her Excellency Minister of Women's Affairs, Dr. Hussn Banu Ghazandar; Ambassador of Afghanistan in India, Dr. Sayed Makhdom Rahin; Senior Advisor of Ministry of Women's Affairs, Mr. Tawfiqulhakim Parand; Head of National Museum, Umra Khan Masoodi; Head of Afghanistan Cultural Heritage Preservation, Mr. Abdulwase Firozi; Head of Art Faculty of Kabul University, Mr. Muhammad Alem Farhad, Miss Frozan Marofi from SAF and Deputy Director of Media Relation in MoWA, Mr. Waliullah Misbah.