The UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Institute for Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage

News 15th March 2009

Training CourseThe Madanjeet Singh Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Kabul held its 1st four month training course in 2008 that started on Sep 23, 2008 and finished on Jan 12, 2009. 
The subjects taught in this training course were Archeology, History of Art and Civilization, Museology, Epigraphy, Numismatics, Ceramicology, and Historic Periods that were taught briefly by the trainers from the Kabul University and related institutions to a number of 22 young trainees from institutions including the Institute of Archeology, National Museum of Kabul, and Cultural Heritage Preservation Department.

In addition to theorical training, we provided them practical trainings in the areas as National Museum of Kabul, Maranjan Hill of Kabul which is an historic area and some Historical Monuments of the Old City of Kabul so that the trainees could gain familiarity, knowledge and skill in these aspects.

According to the forecast plan of the Madanjeet Singh Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Kabul in the year 2009, and providing essential facilities to the center, it’s planned that the Cultural Heritage Preservation Training Courses be held in 2 sessions that each session would last for 3 months.
The first session of the training course will commence on 15/02/1388 (05/May/2009) and will be finished on 15/05/1388 (05/Aug/2009).
The second session of the training course will commence on 15/06/1388 (05/Sep/2009) and will be finished on 15/09/1388 (05/Dec/2009).

Trainees who will be participating in this training course would be the national stuff working in related fields in Kabul and other provinces from around Afghanistan, from each province one to two trainees will be invited and each session will include 20 to 25 trainees that would include a total number of 50 trainees in the two session training course. Those trainees that would be invited from the provinces will be provided accommodation, that for reducing the cost, we decided to prepare them accommodation facilities in the institute building itself rather than accommodating them in the Hotels inside Kabul.

Subjects that would be taught in this two-session training course are as follows:

  1. Description and Explanation of the Historical and Cultural Monuments’ Preservation Law Articles
  2. Importance of Cultural Heritage Preservation including the preservation of Historic Sites and Historical Monuments
  3. Explanation of articles related to International Conventions on Cultural Heritage Preservation
  4. Training on making inventory list for the historical monuments and cultural heritages documentation
  5. Fundamentals of Archeology
  6. Afghanistan’s History of Art and Civilization