A new secretary to the board of SAF Bangladesh chapter

News 29th October 2008

Mr Hakikur Rahman secretary to the Board of SAF Bangladesh Chapter wrote to SAF Founder Ambassador Madanjeet Singh the following:

..Sir,to attend the post-doctoral research I will be leaving Bangladesh during the first week of October. For this reason, I had to resign from South Asia Foundation Bangladesh Chapter. In the last meeting of the Chapter it was accepted and the Chairperson is looking for a replacement who will be working as the secretary in my absence.

I am indebted to you, Madame France Marquet and other dignitaries at SAF for offering me the opportunity to work with such an esteemed organization. At the same time,I am grateful to work with such personalities like Dr Kamal Hossain, Prof Jamilur Reza Chodhury and other eminent personalities of the country. A person like me never dreamt of performing in an organization like this...
Sincerely yours
Hakikur Rahman
24th September 2008

A new Secretary to South Asia Foundation Bangladesh Chapter has been appointed starting 1st October 2008 in the person of: Mr Obaidullah Al Zakir, a Public Relations, Media and Communication Professional.