Dr. Khan Touseef Osman, Alumnus of UMIKS (2013-17), delivered lecture on Trauma Studies, Remembrance/Amnesia and the Partition

News Netaji Subhash Open University, Kolkata, India - 23rd November 2019

Dr. Khan Touseef Osman delivered special lecture on 22 November, 2019 at Netaji Subhash Open University, titled  "Trauma Studies, Remembrance/Amnesia and the Partition," organized under "Partition Repository Project". As the title suggests, he explored the theories of trauma developed in the West and demonstrated how they fail to explicate an event like the Partition of Bengal. He stressed the necessity for theorization of trauma, memory and amnesia through local or native ideas. In conclusion, he spoke about the future directions the scholarship of Bengal partition could take.

Dr Khan Tauseef Osman, SAF UMIKS Scholar, delieved lecture- (South Asia Foundation)
Dr Khan Tauseef Osman, SAF UMIKS Scholar (2013-17), delivering the lecture