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Testimony 10th August 2007

Ayesha Sultana & Musharrat A. Chowdhury

This is only a small gesture of gratitude that we are unable to fully express. We have both graduated from Beaconhouse National University in May this year, and we are very pleased that some of us have been given a second opportunity to become a SAF Scholar once again, in order to pursue the Teachers's Training Program at BNU, Lahore, which allows us to study and teach at the same time.

Testimony 5th June 2007

Musharrat A. Chowdhury

I’m in my final year of Visual Communication Design under Madanjeet Singh Art scholarship at Beaconhouse National University, Lahore, Pakistan.

Conference Bangladesh - 26th December 2006
News Bangladesh - 1st January 2005

SAF SOS Villages (SOS-Kinderdorf International)

An agreement was signed in 2004 between South Asia Foundation ("SAF") and SOS-Kinderdorf International to grant scholarships.

Event Bagerhat, Bangladesh - 5th December 2004

The Second SAF-SOS Environment Camp - 5th December 2004, Bagerhat, Bangladesh

After the South Asia Foundation Governing Council it was decided to conduct Environmental Work Camps for Youths from SAARC Countries. Accordingly, the Second Environmental Work Camp was held at the SOS Youth Village Farm Project at Bagerhat, Bangladesh in December 2004.