Jambay Wangchuk - SAF Secretary, Bhutan

Testimony 2nd March 2007

Your Excellency,

Greetings from Bhutan. As instructed by the chairperson of the SAF Bhutan, I would like to update your Excellency on the recent development with regard to the SAF Bhutan.

1. SAF Bhutan has now been registered as one of the potential NGOs, since Bhutan does not have an NGO act (due to be approved in the forthcoming national assembly). It is now registered with the Ministry of home affairs.

As and when the NGO act is passed by the national assembly, it will accordingly be registered with the concerned agency as deemed appropriate.


2. We now have a draft SAF Bhutan by-law including a framework of how the SAF Bhutan should work and an organigramme.

This will be circulated amongst the SAF Bhutan board members and will be discussed further and sent to you for your comments and endorsement.

3. For the group scholarship, it is proposed that the foresters and conservation protection managers be trained in Dehradun or any institutes in the SAARC region.

With deep respects,
Jambay Wangchuk