SAF Bhutan chapter, annual report

News Timphu, Bhutan - 15th November 2011

1. SAF Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarships

SAF Bhutan successfully selected candidates for the different UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institutes in Pondicherry and ACJ Chennai in India and School of Visual Arts, Beaconhouse U, Pakistan.

The following candidates were awarded the scholarship from Bhutan under Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarship Scheme.

SN  Name  Gender University  Programme Duration of Studies Remarks
1. Yeshey Wangmo F Pondicherry MA South Asian Studies  2011-2013  
2. Rabilal Dahal M Pondicherry MA South Asian Studies 2011-2013  
3. Dechen Tshering M ACJ Chennai PG Diploma Course 2011-2012  
4. Pemba Tshering  M School of Visual Arts, Beaconhouse N U, Pakistan  2011-2013  
5. Kunzang Choden F School of Visual Arts, Beaconhouse N U, Pakistan   2011-2013  

2. Construction of MCSAFS Centre

at UWICEAlthough the UMCSAFS centre at UWICE was supposed to complete by 2011 October end but due to delay in construction work by the contractor, the progress of the UMCSAFS centre is at snail’s pace. Only 40 to 45 percent of the construction work is completed so far and we think that it will take another 4 to 5 months for completion of the work. If the contractor puts in constant effort from now on leaving aside 3 winter months (Dec to February, 2012), it may be able to complete by June, 2012 if everything goes as per our planning.

Construction photo attached for your kind information and reference.

Bhutan report

3. UUMCSAFS program  

Towards the end of May 2011, faculties from UWICE visited various UNESCO Madanjeet institutes across India to study the student recruitment procedures, program management and fee structure of the students who secured Madanjeet scholarship. They visited few centers like College of Journalism in Chennai, Pondicherry University, UNESCO Madanjeet Singh institute of south Asian regional cooperation (UMISARC) in Pondicherry. The team also visited SAF office in Delhi and learned the overall management and coordination of the SAF centers.

Based on the lesson learned from the visit to various UNESCO Madanjeet centers and SAF in Delhi, a dialogue with College of Natural Resources (CNR) under Royal University of Bhutan to commence 4 years degree in forestry in consonance with existing CNR nested academic program was initiated. In the meeting, it was agreed that College of Natural Resources will host 8 UMCSAFS program students from various SAARC countries to undergo 4 years Bachelor of Science in Forestry under the framework of Royal University of Bhutan’ s nested degree program ( 2 years diploma + 2 years degree) starting from academic year 2012.
The UMCSAFSP funded students will attend 2 years of diploma with ongoing diploma students and continue another 2 years of degree program in coherence with ongoing in-service degree program.

Selection criteria and advertisement for Bhutanese students:

  • Pre-service class 12 passed (Bio-science students) are eligible to apply for the UMCSAFSP scholarship.
  • Same CNR selection criteria will be followed for the selection of UMCSAFSP student and advertisement will be done in the RCSC and UWICE website. 
  • In the event of not receiving candidate/s from any of the SAARC country then additional students will be recruited from Bhutan for the program.

Selection criteria and advertisement for other SAARC countries students 

  • Pre-service class 12 passed (Bio-science) students with good English proficiency will be accepted for the UMCSAFSP degree program at CNR.
  • The scholarship opportunity to study forestry degree courses at CNR will be advertised to other SAARC countries through South Asia Foundation Office, Thimphu by UWICE in the month of February, 2012.

Dissertation and thesis work

  • The UMCSAFSP students will be sent to UWICE for their final honours thesis and dissertation.  
  • While at UWICE, the thesis will be jointly supervised by relevant faculty from UWICE and CNR

Award of the degree 

  • At the end of four years course at CNR, the UMCSAFSP students will be awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Forestry by the Royal University of Bhutan.
  • An additional certificate stating the student's participation in the UMCSAFS program will be awarded by UWICE along with the RUB certificate.

Submitted by Nim Dem