R-Statistics Course For 2013

News Bumthang, Bhutan - 30th November 2012

Proper understanding of statistical tools and being able to apply them in data analyses is crucial to getting sensible information out of scientific data. Over the past decade, the open source programming language ‘R’ has received international recognition as a powerful and flexible tool for statistical computing and graphics. Not surprisingly, universities and research institutions worldwide are increasingly adopting R to meet their research and analyses needs. This training will combine classroom lectures and extensive hands-on data analysis exercises to teach the basics of R programming for statistics and graphing. A core component of the training will be individual and group projects emphasizing data analysis (using R) and presentation of real scientific data, following the format of scientific conferences. Participants should bring their own data for analysis. Although the 3-week training will include a refresher on statistics, a prerequisite for this training is a solid understanding of basic statistics including statistical theory and common parametric tests ranging from chi-square to logistic regression.

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