Sending our love from Bhutan

News Thimphu, Bhutan - 29th July 2020
Dear BNU family, 
Hope this email finds you all well and healthy. We, Dorji and Yeshi have reached our country on the 22nd of July 2020 and are in our Quarantine hotels which the government here have been so kind enough to give us for free. We were very careful during the repatriation so We have our fingers crossed that the deadly virus haven't entered our ever so hopeful body. 
The past few months have opened our eyes to the goodness and kindness of humanity in the face of adversity, and it has filled us with much much gratitude. We really would like to thank each and everyone of you kind souls who has helped in getting us safely back to our country during this pandemic. Although we would have loved to stay at the college in the safe and kind hands of Ms. Ghazala and go about with our studies, the growing worry at home from our families and friends made us anxious to return as well. Although it looked hopeless to return with so many restrictions and unavailability of flights, it was you all who made the impossible possible! 
From the kind souls from home (shout out to aue Chimi! )constantly updating and pushing the seats for us to you following up and pushing from both ends, we felt and feel truly truly blessed! Although from different nation, our heart is one. Thank you truly Maam Salima Hashmi, for the constant reminder of courage and for making us feel at home in BNU, thank you Ms. Ghazala for taking care of us in our confused state and reaching out to our every need and Mr. Rehan, for making this journey so smooth. 
In the face of adversity, and out of this global pandemic, we could firmly say that we have learned the strength of love and  human kindness, thank you Beaconhouse National University, we will see you soon. 
Truly thankful,
Forever indebted! 
Dorji Nidup
Yeshi Choden
UMISAA Scholars