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News Jamchong Thuendrel Foundation(BJTF), Thimpu, Bhutan - 20th January 2021

SAF Scholars Report and activities from Jamchong Thuendrel Foundation (SAF-BhutanChapter)

One of the regular student activities is to meet among scholarship holders and discuss on the issues pertaining to the scholarship or any other problems while at CNR. Those issues are put up to the CNR and UMCSAFS management for effectively dealing or resolving the issues. In 2019

News Thimphu, Bhutan - 29th July 2020

Sending our love from Bhutan

he past few months have opened our eyes to the goodness and kindness of humanity in the face of adversity, and it has filled us with much much gratitude. We really would like to thank each and everyone of you kind souls who has helped in getting us safely back to our country during this pandemic.....

News UMISAA - 28th July 2020

End of Odyssey

About the repatriation of Two Visual Arts Master Scholars from Bhutan, confined at UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Art(UMISAA), Beaconhouse University, Lahore, Pakistan

News Thimphu, Bhutan - 27th July 2020

Letter of gratitude from Ms Pema Yangzom sister of Dorji Nidup, SAF Scholar, UMISAA

Warm greetings from Bhutan, I am sister of Dorji Nidup who have recently returned from Pakistan to Bhutan. I would like to express my gratitude for madam's immense support and effort in helping Dorji and Yeshi to fly back to Bhutan against all the odds imposed by the pandemic. Dorji and Yeshi have safely landed ....

News Thimphu, Bhutan - 13th July 2020