In the Media

Special Correspondent, The Hindu - 7th March 2008

SAARC to collaborate in social science research

Seven members of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation will step up collaborative and individual social science research in their countries to help to devise policies on the basis of scientific evidence.

Special Correspondent, The Hindu - 23rd November 2007

Affront to India's pluralist culture

UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Madanjeet Singh has expressed shock at the Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen being compelled to leave West Bengal because of her secular views.

The Hindu - 30th May 2007

Talibanisation of Sikhism

The Sikh fundoos have distorted out of all recognition the militant order of Khalsa that Guru Gobind Singh instituted in 1699. It is incomprehensible how anyone can project nine years of Khalsa as the raison d'Ítre of Sikhism and give it precedence over 239 years of the history of Sikh Gurus.

The Hindu - 18th May 2007

Cultures and Vultures: wake-up call from Vadodara

These ‘fundoos,’ self-appointed custodians of Indian culture, may start chipping away at temple murals, breaking down monuments, and eventually targeting the temples at Khajuraho, Konarak, and Bhubaneshwar – until they succeed in effacing the rich Indian culture of art, image, and narrative, to conform to their own one-track, fascist vision of what Indian civilisation is.

Kashmir University - 25th April 2007

SAF-Madanjeet Singh Scholarship Programme

Headed by Dr. Shafiqa Parveen, Kashmir University’s Distance Learning Department organized the SAF Madanjeet Singh Individual Scholarships cheque distribution ceremony / Regional Cooperation Seminar on 25th April 2007.