Project Proposal for re-grouping of SAF-Madanjeet Singh Scholarship scheme for Women Enterpreneurship Development in J&K State

News 14th June 2007

As a major initiative to provide vocational training and entrepreneurship development opportunities for women of weaker sections. Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Madanjeet Singh sanctioned a scholarship programme for University of Jammu and University of Kashmir. The scheme came to the region as a major ray of hope and became functional in the year 2004. Initially it started  as a residential scholarship programme. From the 2nd group onwards it became a scholarship programme. Jammu University has implemented the project in its true spirit with the help of eminent experts.

Thanks to Ambassador Mr. Madanjeet Singh, it was a well thought out scheme. Women are either married early or are made little mothers at home. Generally in rural areas they study upto VIIIth, IXth, Xth and end up wasting their potential and talent. The scheme has helped the women who were sitting at home idle and has proved useful. The journey of women in moving from villages and urban slums to the University with a hope for better future has shown the directions for women empowerment to many others. Jammu University has completed three batches of scholarship programme as under:

Year No. of students
No. of students
2004-05 30 27
2005-06 40 33
2006-07 40 32

Two types of programmes were offered to students i.e. vocational training and Pre-Primary Education. The Vocational training programme has been more popular with girls. The candidates after completing the programme have returned to the villages and have started their own small units. Most of the girls could not start major business ventures due to non-availability of adequate funds at their disposal and have opted for running vocational training centres in the villages by charging fees from the enrolled candidates. Jammu University has authorized a certificate course to be run under its banner through Continuing Education by MISS candidates.


The SAF-Madanjeet Singh scholarship programme has been able to upgrade the skills of the selected candidates and also build confidence and communication skills. The demand of the candidates in the job has improved considerably and a large number of candidates have got selected as Craft Teachers in schools. Looking at the success of the scheme Ambassador Mr. Madanjeet Singh has thought of strengthening the project more by starting an exchange programme between Jammu University and Kashmir University. At least 50% candidates are expected to move from one University to the other.

Kashmir University would run the vocational training programme. This means that if 30 candidates are selected 10-15 candidates would be sent to Kashmir University and the same number would come from Kashmir to Jammu University.

To be able to run an effective exchange programme besides training cost, funds would be required for place to stay and free boarding and lodging. It would not be possible to rent out a building and run a full-fledged Mess so preferably the girls will have to be housed in a hostel of some educational Institution. Most hostels charge minimum of Rs. 1000-1200/- pm as for hostel fee and an additional Rs. 1000-1200/- pm as food cost. Therefore, programme cost would have to include the expenditure for the same too. Thus, if the programme is offered to 30 candidates at least 20 percent raise may be done for the existing cost of the scholarship.

Though the Exchange Programme could improve cultural understanding and strengthen peer group relationships, the gaps would be that all the candidates would not be under residential scheme. Secondly we would try our best but it is yet to be seen if girls from rural belts agree to go from Jammu to Kashmir for one year duration to study and learn skills of PPERA and entrepreneurship. Jammu University would provide its full support for the cause of women empowerment.

Dr. (Mrs.) Poonam Dhawan
Director, CACE & E
University of Jammu, Jammu.