Contingents of Indian Scouts participated in the First SAF-Scout Friendship Camp

News Thimphu, Bhutan - 26th February 2002

Contingents of Indian Scouts had the opportunity to participate in the SAF-Scout Friendship Camp, the first of which was held in Timphu, Bhutan. The scouts were provided with free email addresses for the duration of one year to enable them to exchange views.

Some of the children came from a very poor neighborhood in Delhi where their schools were not equipped with computers.

A request was made to the SAF India Chairman for four computers and the Hon. Inder Kumar Gujral subsequently presented these during a small celebration.

The SAF IT coordinator went to the school to install the machines and train the children in their use.

As decided in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the SAF, the World Scout Bureau and the Asia Pacific Regional office, each of the SAARC countries should host the camp on a rotation basis.

An unforgettable experience for them was the camp in the Maldives, where they enjoyed life by the sea and at the same time discovered their companions’ different cultures.

Protection of the environment, as well as regional cooperation, were the main topics of the camps in Nepal and Sri Lanka too.



SAF-Scout Friendship Camp

Indian girl-guide dancers at the cultural pageant, SAF-Scout Friendship Camp.