Tawrique Ali - Pursuing journalism on SAF scholarship

Testimony Bangladesh - 9th April 2003

Dear Sir,

I have been studying journalism at the Asian College of Journalism (ACJ), Chennai, with the SAF Madanjeet Singh Scholarship, from the Bangladesh chapter.

The one-year Post-Graduate Diploma course comes to an end on 16th June 2003 with a graduation ceremony on the same day, which you might already be aware of. It would be a great pleasure for eleven SAF students to have you amongst us on the day of convocation in Chennai.

This brief note is to express my gratitude to the SAF, which has enabled me, as a young aspiring journalist, to avail an excellent opportunity to pursue journalism.

The course has proved to be useful for me. It has not only helped enhance my skills, but more importantly, to widen the horizon of my journalistic vision in a broader perspective of OUR south Asian context. The efforts of the SAF are conducive to instilling an idea of South Asian citizenship.


As the ACJ course is nearing the end, I am keen to get better oriented with each of the SAARC countries, especially Pakistan. I would like to better understand the people, their socio-political mindset, and the media role as an institution.

Above all, to appreciate the inherent commonness amongst south Asian countries in terms of history, culture, politics, and their economies.

To bring about a South Asian Identity on the basis of affinity, mutuality, collectivism and solidarity, an intensive understanding of the nature of Indo-Pak-istani relations embellished with an amicable co-existence is of paramount importance.

Now, that I have had at least some orientation in India, getting similarly acquainted with the Pakistani social ambience may be beneficial to having a balanced idea of the two major south Asian countries.

I am eagerly looking forward to visiting the SAARC countries keeping the above-mentioned view in mind, with the auspices of SAF at the end of ACJ course.

With due regards.
Tawrique Ali