Moonisa Easa - Assistant Editor, AAFATHIS Daily

Testimony Feeroaz Magu, Maafannu, Malé, Republic of Maldives - 14th June 2003

Dear Sir,

I take this opportunity to thank you for the generous offer you have given to us, the journalists and would be journalists of this region.

The Maldivian students value this short course tremendously, since we do not have an institution for such professional courses in the Maldives. This course will not only improve the standard of journalists in the SAARC region, but it will also help boost the relationship among the fellow journalists of this region.

We learned many things and had a very good experience of the Indian society. We found your people extremely friendly, and helpful. The memories we take home with us are sweet and cheerful.

This short course will be the foundation for us for further education in this field. We, the Maldivian students, did our best to obtain maximum marks and to impress our lecturers and teachers. We hope we didn't disappoint them.

We believe that AJC is one of the best institutions of its kind in this region. But there are a few suggestions I would like to like to bring to your notice.


The first thing is that the facilities of the college are based almost entirely on Indian standards. Almost all the Maldivians are vegetarians. So it was very difficult for us to have those meals.

If we tried to have vegetarian food on our own, our allowance proved to be insufficient. So, to solve this problem, maybe there could be cooking facilities in the flats.

The other problem we faced concerned was transport. Transport charges in Chennai are very high. If you could arrange for the college to have its own transport system at a cheaper price, the problem would be solved.

 This is not a letter of complaint, but a sincere suggestion from a thankful student.

I am looking forward to an opportunity for higher education in this field.

Thanking you. Respectfully,
Moonisa Easa