Testimony from Pakistani student at Chennai UMCSAJ

Testimony Chennai, India - 15th September 2012


I couldn't check my inbox yesterday due to exams. I have attached a video file with this email. I'm really sorry for delay.

First semester exams will end on 18th September. My electives for second semester are 'Covering Arts and Culture' and 'Photojournalism'; and 'Politics and Ideology' for third semester. My teacher for 'Covering Arts and Culture' is Sadanand Menon; I hope you know him well. This course will be helpful for me as I always wanted some sort of training to improve my skills for covering arts but no journalism school offers such course in Pakistan.

For covering deprivation trip, students are divided into fifteen groups and each group is going to a different part of country. All international students will go to outskirts of Chennai with Professor Nalini Rajan on January 02. So, I don't need visa for any other city for trip.

Saleha Rauf