UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre of South Asian Journalism (UMCSAJ)

Conference Chennai, India - 7th May 2007

MoU between 'SAF' and the Media Development Foundation

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the South Asia Foundation (“SAF”) and the Media Development Foundation (“MDF”), Chennai.

In the media Friday Times: Pakistan's First Independent Weekly Paper - 6th October 2006

Looking for the Taliban: check Quetta

Malik Siraj Akbar writes While it is difficult to say who is or is nota Talib, one thing is clear: Quetta and other areas are swarming withpeople who are rabidly anti-US.

Testimony Feeroaz Magu, Maafannu, Malé, Republic of Maldives - 14th June 2003

Moonisa Easa - Assistant Editor, AAFATHIS Daily

I take this opportunity to thank you for the generous offer you have given to us, the journalists and would be journalists of this region.

Testimony 5th June 2003
Testimony Maldives - 11th April 2003

Sinan Ali - SAF scholar, Maldives

I have heard that the SAF has decided to award 100 scholarships from next year. I am so happy to know this and I feel it is a very great decision taken by SAF.