UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre of South Asian Journalism (UMCSAJ)

News Social Media, Facebook - 10th January 2020

SAF Scholars Alumni Association on Facebook

SAF gives us the platform to promote regional cooperation and peace, share and collaborate cultures between the eight SAARC countries. Our main objectives are to continue this great initiative of dear UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Madanjeet Singh.

In the media New Delhi, India - 16th November 2018

Finance Minister Mr. Arun Jaitley presents Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award to Mr. N. Ram Trustee, SAF -India

Technology has ensured that a 1975-kind of Emergency that put fetters on free speech and media is no longer possible, Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on the occasion of National Press Day. “If Emergency was ever to be reimposed, it would collapse for the simple reason that one of the strengths of the Emergency was press censorship and technology does not permit a press censorship today,” he said....

In the media New Delhi, India - 6th November 2018

Mr. N. Ram, SAF Trustee, SAF-India, Chosen for The Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award

Veteran journalist and The Hindu Publishing Group Chairman N. Ram has been chosen for the prestigious Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award......

News UMCSAJ, Chennai - 7th May 2018
News UMCSAJ, Chennai - 1st May 2018

UMCSAJ Invites to attend ACJ Award for Investigative Journalism ( 2017) and the Convocation of the Class of 2018

We have always commemorated May 3, World Press Freedom day. Our convocation for each batch of students at ACJ is held on that day. It is a well attended public event. There is a commemoration address by a renowned academic / thinker / public intellectual on a media-related theme...