Ms. Fathemah Ghafori, SAF Scholar (Batch 2019-21) sharing her experience at UMISARC, Pondicherry University

News Kabul, Afghanistan - 9th August 2021
Dear Madame France and South Asia Foundation Donor(s),
I was really happy to learn that I was accepted for the South Asia Foundation scholarship to do my M.A in South Asian Studies, Pndicherry University.
I am writing to thank you and all your colleagues for the generous financial support for this academic degree.  
As an Afghan girl,  it was a great opportunity not only for me, but all Afghan girls.  Since this foundation was founded, It allowed several South Asian countries women to pursue their higher education and change their future, especially for Afghan women to be enough pioners and inspiring to encourage more families letting their daughters' go abroad for study, and for the Afghan women to be brave enough to take the responsibility and deal with new challenges to make them able shape their future. 
I would like to do special thanks to the SAF colleagues in Delhi, Mr. Hamidullah Arefi Afghanistan SAF chairman, UMISARC's head of the department Dr. Purushothaman, all respected professors, and other department colleagues for their passion, dedication, and interactive way of teaching and good environment learning a long theircooperation. 
It was not only class studying but having many workshops and seminars which enabled us to learn more and make wider the circle of our communication with productive people. By the efforts of UMISARC faculty members even the Covid-19 pandemic could not stop these programs and conducting many fruitful visual seminars and pieces of training gave us the learning space and kept our morale high. 
All these happened by your generosity allowing me to make my goals and dreams a reality, without your grace it was not possible. I believe this educational journey has highly affected my personal life and professional career. 
I hope, in turn, can be a productive scholar to work for South Asia Foundation objectives, especially in South Asian Women, and make a positive change in their lives. 
Yours Sincerely,
Fatemah Ghafori