Ms Aashiyana Adhikari,UMCDSRC (2015-19) Alumna Engages in discussion with Mme France Marquet during her passing through Paris

News Paris, France - 15th February 2024

In a delightful encounter in the heart of Paris,UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre of Development Studies and Regional Cooperation (UMCDSRC)  Alumna, Mrs. Aashiyana Adhikari, from South Asian Foundation-Nepal program, (2015-2019 Batch), had the pleasure of meeting with Madam France Marquet, Principal Trustee Madanjeet Singh Foundation (MSF). The two shared a light lunch, engaging in a meaningful discussion about Mrs. Adhikari's remarkable professional journey post-graduation. A highlight of Mrs. Adhikari's achievements was her participation in an exchange program at UMSCSAJ and her role as an intern at the UNESCO Office in Bangkok, serving under the Director of Programs. Madam France Marquet commended Mrs. Adhikari for her dedication and contributions during her internship, acknowledging the valuable experiences gained through the SAF-Nepal Chapter. During the meeting, Madam France Marquet extended her heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to Mrs. Aashiyana Adhikari and her husband, Mr. Birat. The exchange not only celebrated Mrs. Adhikari's professional growth but also emphasized the significance of international collaborations and the impact of programs like SAF in fostering South Asia  connections.

The UMCDSRC community takes pride in the accomplishments of its alumni and looks forward to more success stories emerging from the diverse and talented pool of graduates. Congratulations to Mrs. Aashiyana Adhikari on her achievements, and may her journey continue to inspire future generations of UMCDSRC students.

Mme France Marquet, Principal Trustee, MSF with Alumna UMCDSRC(2015-2019) Ms Aashiyana and her husband passing through Paris
Mme France Marquet, Principal Trustee, MSF with  Mrs Aashiyana Adhikari, Alumna UMCDSRC(2015-2019) with her Husband Mr Birat while passing through to Paris