From SAF Alumna to Erasmus Scholar: Ms. Pratibha Pant, UMCDSRC Batch, Chronicles Journey in Provocative Blog

News EU - 8th April 2024

Ms. Pratibha Pant, South Asia Foundation Alumna to UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre of Development Studies and Regional Cooperation (UMCDSRC), National College, Kathmandu University Scholars

Ms Pratibha Pant SAF UMCDSRC Scholars Academic journey and exploration often lead us to unexpected paths, shaping our perspectives and opening doors to new opportunities. As a UMCDSRC, SAF-Nepal Scholar at Kathmandu University, Nepal, my undergraduate was a journey of discovery, where I delved into fields of environment, economics, and gender, with a focus on sustainable development. The program immersed me in a diverse range of subjects, from understanding the intricacies of economic development to project management and evaluation. The multidisciplinary approach I received as a SAF scholar equipped me with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for real-world applications of sustainable development. This foundational experience has laid the groundwork for my transition as an Erasmus Mundus scholar pursuing a Master's in Economic Policy and Analysis, with a major in digital transition. I have been doing my first year in Turin, Italy, with mobility to Paris, France in the second year under this program.

The opportunity to pursue a Master's degree through the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship has been a significant milestone in my academic journey. Supported by the European Union, this program offers a comprehensive curriculum on economic policies, particularly in the digital sphere. It's been a journey of adaptation, navigating new cultural landscapes and receiving a unique lens to understand the complexities of contemporary economic dynamics. Collaborating with peers from diverse corners of the globe, including Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan, has been an enlightening experience. However, amidst this diverse cultural sphere, finding fellow South Asian scholars from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka has been a reminder of my roots and the legacy I carry as a SAF scholar.

A year into my Master's program, I have been able to explore the complexities of global economic policies and their implications. From dissecting the intricacies of cultural industries and global markets to analysing the impact of innovation on the digital economy, each module has enabled me to bring insights from the Global South into the complex interplay between economics, society, and technology. The upcoming semester in Paris would further this interplay, presenting an opportunity to delve deeper into the nuances of economic policies within a dynamic and vibrant cultural milieu. The legacy of being a SAF scholar continues to guide me, serving as a compass for navigating through the diverse academic landscape. The values of community, advocacy, and empowerment learned as a SAF scholar remain a driving force in my academic pursuits and I am proud to represent the South Asian region amidst a diverse cohort, furthering dialogue and collaboration across borders.

My journey from a UMCDSRC, SAF Scholar to an Erasmus Mundus Scholar has been transformative. It is a testament to the power of education in going beyond boundaries and shaping individuals as a global citizen. Reflecting on my journey thus far, I am filled with a sense of gratitude for the opportunities that have shaped my academic trajectory. My experience as a SAF scholar has not only provided me with a robust academic foundation, but has also given me a sense of responsibility towards building dialogue and collaboration across borders. As I continue to navigate the academic landscape, I am grateful for the legacy of being a South Asia Foundation scholar, which serves as a constant reminder of the values of community, advocacy, and empowerment. It is a legacy that I carry with pride, irrespective of where my academic pursuits may lead me in the future.