Ms Maneesha Rendaniya, SAF Scholar, UMCDSRC reached safely Colombo through a reserved flight by Govt of Sri Lanka

News UMCDSRC, Kathmandu, Nepal - 29th April 2020

Ms Maneesha Sharma Scholar of UMCDSRC
 Ms Maneesha Rendaniya, UMCDSRC Scholar from Sri Lanka at  extreem right , during 96th Birthday Anniversary of UNESCO Goodwill
Ambassador Madanjeet Singh. ( Read more)

I am a student of UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre of Development Studies and Regional Cooperation (UMCDSRC), National College, Kathmandu University. I am currently in quarantine in Colombo. I flew from Kathmandu last Tuesday on April 21. We had celebrated the birth anniversary of Late Ambassador Madanjeet Singh at our hostel in Kathmandu on April 16. The Sri Lankan Embassy told us that they are evacuating and taking us to Colombo by a special Sri Lankan Airline plane. Although, I am perfectly fine and have exams to prepare, the Embassy notification for all Sri Lankan nationals had to be followed. Together with me were
about 71 students studying medicine in Nepal.

During QuarantineAttached are two relevant photos. First is the photos when we celebrated Amb. Singh's birth anniversary and the second one - right now under quarantine here in Colombo.

I think, we have to be careful to fight this global pandemic. Besides, I am planning to return to Kathmandu in a month after things settle down. Ujjwal Upadhaya sir and others at the National College have given us on-line course work. I am taking regular classes on-line. Two weeks of mandatory stay and then I will meet family. I feel, our governments have done a good job, despite their resource constraints, to keep us safe.


Maneesha Rendaniya