Feedback from Mr Ghulam Mohammad, UMISAA Alumnus (Batch of 2014 )

Testimony Baluchistan, Pakistan - 14th March 2016

South Asia Foundation UMISAA  Alumni Ghulam MohammadI hail from a rural village in Baluchistan, Pakistan where the opportunity to study is a rarity. UMISAA (at Beaconhouse National University) made it possible for me to enroll as a student in an internationally recognized university where I was able to involve myself deeply and completely in the study of the arts. The university also presented the opportunity of immersing myself in the culture and languages of students from other ethnicities and nationalities, a form of exposure that is integral for any student.  It is the result of this training that materialized in the form of my being nominated and shortlisted for Jameel Prize 4, an international award for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic tradition. I feel that the role my formal education at the university has played in my development as a student and now a practitioner of fine arts will show in any and all of my future academic and non-academic undertakings.


Ghulam Mohammad

UMISAA Alumnus