Sakunthala Galanga - Sri Lankan student

Testimony 24th July 2007

To Hashmi Salima

My Dearest Ma'am,
Hope you are fit and fine.
I'm doing very good and I have got a very good news for you.

I got selected to assist in a screen play that is going to be directed by Hon.Shyam Benagal.
The film is about Lord Buddha and it's going to be a co-production of Sri Lanka and India.

I will be working till my next semester start and then in the winter vacation, after i finish my final semester I have to come back and work with them, so there wont be any harm to my studies.

They will be doing pre-production for one year.
I'm extremely happy and exited, hope I will have strength and good luck to win their heart in working.

I also terribly miss telling this to my father at the moment.
Also please tell Mira and Adeel.
Hope to hug you soon.
with much love,


I’m a 3rd year student of the department of theater, Film and Television in Beacounhouse National University, Lahore. I’m studying under Madanjeet Singh Art Scholarship which has benefited me in many ways in my studies and stay in Lahore.

First two years of my studies spent learning languages, communicating and writing. I participated in different workshops conducted by excellent teachers and then I was introduced for post production of Video and Film productions. I got the opportunity to watch hundreds of films and theater productions being a film student in this University.

I became familiar with Semi-professional camera and then more importantly with the film camera which was really a dream came true.

For my final 3rd year project I made a three minutes film, using a 35mm camera which was a huge achievement in my life.

Lahore is facilitating with several wonderful shooting locations sets and huge studios which could be the best place for a film student like me.

Pass three years was the best time of my student life. I learnt several things to life with numerous mistakes and difficulties. And that has helped me to become more patient and a humble person.

Also Living in Lahore with different Cultural experiences, I learnt a lot to my life. I met some of my best teachers here and was able to make wonderful friendships.