Memorial Meeting in honour of Ambassador Madanjeet Singh

News New Delhi, India - 7th January 2013

Memorial Meeting in honour of Ambassador Madanjeet Singh
Monday, 7 January 2013, New Delhi
Resolution adopted by the SAF India family 

SAF India deeply mourns the passing away of Ambassador Madanjeet Singh, Founder Trustee of the South Asia Foundation (SAF), UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, freedom fighter, diplomat, philanthropist, creative artist and writer. Ambassador Madanjeet singh embodied in himself and through his work, a visionary commitment to regional cooperation in South Asia, aimed at bringing peace, harmony and development to this troubled region. He founded SAF with this objective, and worked tirelessly for its success. Ambassador Madanjeet Singh focussed on education and gender equality as the two most important methodologies for strengthening friendship, understanding and bonding among the people of South Asia.

Under his guidance and leadership, SAF has established 12 UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institutions of Excellence : four in India, two in Pakistan, and one each in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. SAF offers scholarships to students of South Asia, on the basis of gender equality, to study at these Institutions of Excellence.
On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi's 125th birth anniversary, Ambassador Madanjeet Singh endowed the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Prize for Tolerance and Non-Violence. Deeply disturbed by the attack on Malala Yousofzai in Pakistan, Ambassador Madanjeet Singh and SAF Trustee Madame France Marquet donated US $ 1 million to UNESCO to be used for women's education and empowerment programmes and projects.

Every member of the SAF India family grieves at the passing away of Ambassador Madanjeet Singh. For us, Ambassador Madanjeet Singh was above all a father figure, the head of a large family spread across eight nations, a secular humanist, a man of great generosity. We are committed to following his vision by working hard for the continued success of SAF and the ideals it represents. This will be the most effective tribute to the memory of Ambassador Madanjeet Singh.