Messages from SAF Scholars and SAF family on 96th Birth Anniversary of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Madanjeet Singh

News Globe - 16th April 2020

"Remembering  gratefully Amb. Madanjeet Singh , founder, South Asia Foundation, a visionary, artist, writer and philanthropist on his 96th birth anniversary.  We miss him  during the current COVID19 situation."   -Mr P K Prabhakaran, Former CEO, SAF-India

"Remembering Madanjeet today !" -- Prof Salima Hashmi, Chairperson, SAF-Pakistan & Director, UMISAA

"I am forever grateful for his generosity in facilitating efforts towards fruitful exchanges of students, educational institutions. My time spent at BNU has been one of the most enriching experiences not my life. Truly thankful" --   Ms  Vidhya saumya- UMISAA Scholar from India

"Respected UNESCO Ambassador Madanjeet Singh has touched  our lives in such a tenderly manner, given us facilities, tremendous love and care! We will always remember him as the best thing happened to our lives! 💐"  -- Sakunthala Gulanga from Srilanka, UMISAA Scholar

"The late UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Madanjeet Singh envisioned and built not only a South Asian community but also provided us the BNU family; loved and cared by Salima Hashmi - a family where we matured as artist and art educators. We would like to extend our heartfelt tribute to him on his birthday!  Remembrance and Love - Raju/Sajana from Berlin"  *  Remembrance and Love - Raju/Sajana 🌹❤️ UMISAA  Alumni represented from Nepal ( Now living in Berlin)

 "Thank you so much for everything Respect and gratitude" *  UMISAA Scholar

"UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Arts (UMISAA) remembers Amb. Madanjeet Singh and his formidable contributions, endlessly. We at UMISAA feel fortunate to keep aflame his love and vision for a peaceful and tolerant South Asia through education. UMISAA plays an active and aggressive role in the educational landscape of the region as we endeavor to continue his magnanimous mission of a non-violent cooperative, harmonious and creatively united South Asia."  - Prof  Rashid Rana, Dean, Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts & Design(MDSVAD)  / UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Arts (UMISAA)

"Today, April 16 is the 96th Birth Anniversary of the great Ambassador Madanjeet Singh...A true Humanaterian, visionary and Philonthiraphist. We, as Dept. of Green Energy Technology, Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies, Pondicherry University fondly remembers such a great visionary on his birthday anniversary. Our Warm greetings to Madam France. Hope SAF family members are keeping safe amidst COViD issues."  Dr. P. Elumalai, Director, UMSGET, PU

SAF-Bhutan too would like to mark this important day and express our sincere gratitude to Late Shri Madanjeet Singh for his far sighted vision and his generosity. We remember him today and miss him. May we get through this difficult time and pray that all wiĺl end well.Stay safe." -Ms Nim Dem, Jamchong Thuendrel Foundation

"In fond and grateful remembrance" - Mr Sashi Kumar, Director, UMCSAJ

"Under quarantine, the SAF scholars from Bhutan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka paid homage to the photo of Late Ambassador Madanjeet Singh today in his birth anniversary.This is the day to re-dedicate ourselves to the vision and objectives of Amb. Singh and SAF."  Dr Nishchal N Pandey, Chairman, SAF-Nepal

Scholar Nepal paying homage to Amb SinghUMCDSRC Scholars  paying homage to UNESCO Godwill Ambassador Madanjeet Singh

"Greetings from UMISARC, Pondicherry University. Every year UMISARC is celebrating Ambassador Madanjeet Singh's birthday by organizing memorial lectures, competitions like quiz, drawing ,sports etc., to mark the noble vision and mission of Dr.Madanjeet Singh contribution to this South Asian community. His major ideas was to establish the real harmony among the south asian community by bringing the students from different saarc countries and allow themselves to interact and to understand each others, which pave the way for real peace in this region. We will pray for his great soul and thankful to madam France, SAF dignitaries and SAF team for extending all kind of cooperation to us." -  Dr. D.Purushothaman, Centre Head - UMISARC, Pondicherry University.

 "The creation of The UNESCO Chair on Community based Disabilty Management on the eve of Ambassador Madanjeet Singh' s 96th birth anniversary  is a fitting tribute to his  vision that has found expression,even at  a time of unprecedented crisis in our world. Yet in Robert Frosts  immortal words with which we are all familiar,  " the woods are lovely dark and deep but we have promises to keep..." And so we continue to dedicate ourselves, a step at a time, to try and fulfil his vision of a more harmonious world."-   Mr Navin Chawla former CEC of India & Advisor, MSF

"The 96th birth anniversary of  Ambassador Madanjeet Singh has got a new momentum establishing the chair.Congratulations to all of you who have contributed by any means."  - Mr Bachchu Shekh, Secretary, SAF Bangladesh Chapter  

"On his 96th birthday, we express our gratitude to  Ambassador Madanjeet Singh for his lifelong devotion to  and dedicated efforts in establishing peace and harmony in our part of the world. Some of you may remember attending the meeting of Governing Council held in Nice in April, 2012 - the last meeting which Ambassador Madanjeet Singh attended. We celebrated his 88th birthday at Villa Surya, Beaulieu-sur-Mer on 16 April, 2012. I am enclosing a photograph taken on the occasion."  - Jamilur Reza Choudhury Vice Chair, SAF Bangladesh

SAF Madanjeet SinghSAF Family with UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Madanjeet Singh  and Madam France Marquet during 2011
Governing Council meeting held at Villa Surya, Beaulieu-sur-Mer on 16 April, 2012