Visit to one of the SAF-PPERA schools in Gandharbal, Kashmir

News 27th May 2008

9.00 am: Visit to one of the SAF-PPERA schools in Gandharbal, Kashmir

Visiting the Phool Ban School in Gandharbal, from right to left: Afrooza Maqbool (Principal of he school); Dr S.M.Raheen (SAF Afghanistan Chairperson); Dr H.B.Ghazanfar (Women’s Affair Minister, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan); Ambassador Madanjeet Singh (SAF Founder); Prof. Riyaz Punjabi (Vice Chancellor, Kashmir University); Prof. M.J.Tareen (Vice Chancellor Pondicherry University, initiator of the PPERA project); Afrooza’s brother. Ganderbal 27th May 2008.


Right from the time of its establishment the school has progressed in every field to cater the needs and requirements of the students of downtroden and backward classes. The school provided an opportunity for these families to get their children enrolled for educating their wards as the school is charging neglegible fee besidess having easy access. The present enrollment of the school is around forty. The school is providing quality education to both boys and girls. The students are enrolled in pre-primary to 3rd standard. At present staff strength of the school is three, who very dedicatedly and sincerely furnish their duties inspite of receiving meager wages. The school is housed in my owm home and my family has provided one hall of dimensions 12'x18' , a room of dimensions 12' x12' and a varandah of dimensions 6' x 17'. Besides this my family has provided one kanal of land for prayer and co- curricular activities.

At the time of its establishment Director PPERA Kashmir University provided furniture and teaching aid facilities for the students. Moreover school received a computer from Director PPERA sanctioned by worthy Ambassador of SAF. By having this facility the students got an opportunity to get computer education which otherwise would have a dream for them.

The said facility helped a lot in creating awareness about information technology among the students of this rural areas. The students got a concept of peripheral deivces of computer and its basic functions.

I highly place on record the contributions, guidance and co-operation of Hon'ble Ambassador SAF Mr. Madanjeet Singh, Ex.Vice Chancellors of Kashmir University Mr. Jalees Ahmad Khan Tareen, Professor Wahid, Director PPERA Doctor Neelofar Khan and her team from time to time. Their dedicated and sincere efforts proved a boon in establishing this school and for achieving its present status. Moreover I am highly thankfull to my parents especially my brother who always provided a helping hand and took keen interest with respect to the overall improvement of the school. My brother being a teacher having a lot of teaching experience guided me from time to time in solving the various problems viz accademic and administrative in order to make this project a success.

Inspite of all these efforts there is still a wide room for improvement and fulfilling our dream to convert it into a model institution where due care and attention should be given to bring all round development among the students especially in the present world where there is information explosion and evergrowing challenges with respect to environment science and information technology. Though the school is in its infancy stage but there is the dire need of the following:


The school is lacking the basic infrastructural facility viz building.
School is required to enhance toilet and water facility.
3 Fee charged from the students is inadequate to meet the salary requirements of the teaching and non teaching staff, besides the other needs of the school.
4 In order to provide access to the rural students to this institution there is the utmost need of transport facility.
5 For effective classroom transanction there should be the avaliability of modern teaching aids, furnishing and furniture for the students and the staff.
I expect your full co-operation and guidance in
this regard.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully Afrooza Maqbool Principal Phool Ban School F atehpora Ganderbal


The school titled PHOOL BAN SCHOOL at Gandharbal, Kashmir was sanctioned by PPERA (PRE PRIMARY EDUCATION IN RURAL AREA) PROJECT under the aegis of South Asian Foundation in collaboration with the Kashmir University in the Year 2005 to meet the educational requirement of backward, rural families of this area.