The first training courses at The Madanjeet Singh-UNESCO Institute for Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage started

News 23rd November 2008

The Madanjeet Singh-UNESCO for Afghanistan Cultural Heritage Institute, started its training courses 13 September, 2008 and its duration is for four months.

The training starts from 09:00AM-12PM from Saturday to Thursday.

  1. Fundamentals of Archeology
  2. Numismatic and Epigraphy
  3. Ceramicology
  4. Museology
  5. History of Civilization
  6. History of Religions
  7. Pre and Proto History of Afghanistan
  8. Ancient World Civilization
  9. History of Art and Architecture

The subjects selected for the training are as follows:


The total number of trainees selected from several offices related to the ministry of information and culture, is 17 and all candidates at the moment are nominated from Kabul. And we have six professional trainers for this training.
The SAF Afghanistan decided to pay One US Dollar for each trainee as transportation expenses and Eight US Dollars for each trainer per hour.
The transportation amount for the trainees is not sufficient due to the lack of transportation and as they have financial problems, they can not afford to take taxi, so we are suggesting to pay them more than the mentioned amount.

With Best Regards,

Dr. Raufi Obaidullah
SAF Afghanistan