SAF Afghanistan activities during 2009 and plans for the year 2010

News 4th January 2010

SAF Annual Meeting

In 2009, SAF Afghanistan had many activities within the country and also has introduced students for SAF Madanjeet Singh Scholarships.

We introduced two scholars who were BA in Law, to Pondicherry University for MA Scholarships; two students, who were BA in Journalism, to ACJ Scholarships, and four students to BNU BA Scholarships.

Madanjeet Singh Cultural Heritage Preservation Institute established a well furnished dormitory to accommodate 20 trainees; and yet inaugurated a well equipped library for the students of the institute.

Madanjeet Singh Cultural Heritage Training Institute successfully held its two session trainings, each lasting for 3months, in which, around of 40 trainees related to departments of Ministry of Information and Culture of Afghanistan, from the Kabul and other provinces, were selected and trained. The aim of these training courses are to promote the capacity of Cultural Hertiage Preservation Staff related to the Ministry of Information and Culture.
The third session of this training was about to be started, but due to the Presidential Elections and improper security situation, it was cancelled.

SAF Afghanistan Secretary, participated in SAF Annual Meeting in New Dehli, India in which he was introduced to all SAF Secretaries, and came up with very fruitful information regarding SAF activities and future plannings and programs.

The updated list of SAF Afghanistan Advisory Board members has already been sent to Mr.Prabhakaran.

Establishment of the new library in the UNESCO-SAF Madanjeet Singh Institute of Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage.