SAF Regional Cooperation Seminars - Jammu University

Conference Jammu, India - 27th April 2007

Despite the oppressively hot summer weather, Jammu University’s campus is a treat for the eyes; it has a beautiful campus.  Mr. Kuljeet Singh, Coordinator of the SAF programme, organized a  seminar on Regional Cooperation, the Dean Academic, Prof. P.S. Sehgal and the Director of Distance Learning, Dr. O.S. Sudan, drew heavily from the SASIA Story.  Professor of International Relations and Chief Speaker, Dr. P. Stobdan, argued for the adoption of the SAFTA agreement, and said that if Governments were to immediately start by trading essentials like energy, and water, drastic changes could take place by the end of the decade. 

It’s fascinating when we think that only around 6 % of the total trade in South Asia is done amongst member countries, whereas 94% is all external to SAARC.  Even though regional trade will take a lot of time to develop, it will be a necessary step towards realizing the importance of Regional cohesion, and perhaps one day, even a common currency.
At the end of the ceremony, the cheques were handed out to students, subject wise – refreshments were also included.