Conference and training session for all the SAF IT coordinators in Reading - 4th-12th March 2002

Conference United Kingdom - 4th March 2002

SAF IT Coordinators successfully completed their training at Reading in the U.K. (4th-12th March 2002), organized by Art Technology Group (ATG), based at Cambridge, Mass., U.S.A..

ATG's Training Centre in Reading essentially focused on imparting the necessary technical skills.

SAF IT Coordinators were introduced to an updated ATG "Dynamo Application Server" and the "Dynamo Personalization Server" which are scalable, high-performance application engines.



Opposite photo, from right to left: U.K. ATG Trainer; Bangladesh SAF IT Coordinator; Maldives SAF IT Coordinator; India SAF IT Coordinator; U.K. ATG Trainer; Pakistan SAF IT Coordinator; U.K. ATG Trainer; Bhutan SAF IT Coordinator; Sri Lanka SAF IT Coordinator; Nepal SAF IT Coordinator.

  SAF IT Coordinator Training in Reading