Amit K. Shrivastava

Testimony 24th May 2004

Dear Sir,

First of all, let me offer my deepest apologies for not writing to you any e-mail, thanking note and also not being able to contact you ever since my Lahore experience. Please do not feel that this silence has been a continuous result of my impertinence towards your works; it is, rather, the peak of my gratitude where I cannot put in words my respect towards your efforts. Whatever I am today is because of these scholarships, my parents could never have dreamed of such global studies for me.

Despite my not being a fully art student, you provided me the scholarships and I must say that I am honored to have availed them. This experience is something I may never have again. It has enriched me very very much, primarily because of the exposure to Pakistan and the programs offered at BNU.

In fact, it is only because of this astonishing experience that I have been able to secure a place with another (and almost a full) scholarship at Washington and Lee University, Virginia, USA. This is where I am going to pursue my future studies in International Law/relations.


This opportunity has been the most rewarding for me where I didn't only had the chance to interact with Pakistanis but where my knowledge, understanding and reasoning power enhanced to a greater extent.

This is where I learnt to follow a scrupulous independent program, to sustain a disciplined life, and most importantly, the real flavor of studies. My essay is the first significant work of my life because I based it on human survival rather than scientific experiments. Had I not had this splendid prospect, it was very likely that my learnings would have died in Balaghat, a small tribal village in Madhya Pradesh.
Thank you very much for making me so proud and making me say that I am the first Indian to have studied in BNU Lahore. Thank you also for having read my essay, I am honored that someone like you provided time to read my essay.

I will look forward for our future correspondence which itself would be regarding for me.

Your Sincerely.
Amit K. Shrivastava