Salima Hashmi - SAF Chairperson Pakistan

Testimony 2nd June 2004


Bless you! Yes, Maimoona is very much in Pakistan and is now going home for the vacation months. I think she and the two Nepalese and one of the Bhutanese students have been among our top students,[ together with two Pakistanis.] I look at them and see very clearly what the raison d'etre of the Madanjeet Singh Art Scholarship is.

To recognise and to nurture the God given talent and to hone it by providing skills and an intellectual growth opportunity.


As you very rightly said once, it is in the arts and culture that we find the means to combat fundamentalism!! Maimoona is a very young school teacher in the Maldives, who had no formal training in art before she came here.

It is her natural talent which has been outstanding. You should see how she has flowered in this academic year!

I know that once she has completed her studies she will be a moving force in the training of others. The friendships they are making will take them into the future AND they will EMBODY our ideals as South Asians!!