Testimony from a research scholar UMIKS (UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of Kashmir Studies)

Testimony Srinagar, India - 6th July 2011

His Excellency,
Mr. Madanjeet Singh
UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador
Founder, South Asia Foundation (SAF)

Subject: Feedback

Dear Sir,

I consider myself fortunate to have achieved Madanjeet Singh Scholarships which significantly helped me to work on my research topic SAARC; A Study in India’s Role through the UM Institute of Kashmir Studies-an important Research Institute established through your endeavors and financed by SAF. Most importantly, I have benefitted a lot from your works, such as SASIA Story and This My People. Your articles generally published in The Hindu, have cleared many of my confusions and paved my path for better understanding of the contemporary situation in South Asia.

The UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of Kashmir Studies is providing me all kinds of facilities regarding my research and academic needs. The Institute has provided me an opportunity to interact not only with Scholars from SAARC countries but also from other countries of the world.

The UNESCO Madanjeet Singh IKS promotes research with multicultural dimensions. Besides, it has been able to promote regional cooperation by admitting scholars from member countries of SAARC.
Being at UMIKS has helped me to broaden my vision and has been a key factor in my intellectual and spiritual growth.

Best Regards,

Javaid Ahmad Kumar
Research Scholar (IKS)
University of Kashmir