Nepali artist selected by the World Bank

News Washington DC, USA - 28th January 2013

Koshal Hamal (1988, Nepal) whose work “This is Not a Housefly” was selected by the World Bank, is currently being displayed at the World Bank Headquarter, Washington DC.

He was interviewed by Swosti Rajbhandari, ECS Nepal: “…claims that he is “completely married to art”, and is totally overwhelmed by his work being selected. Feeling confident from this achievement, he hopes to be stronger and more dynamic in his further works. “This is not a housefly” – an acrylic on canvas work is one of his selected works. Inspired by the  paintings of the Rana period when everything was exaggerated and glamorised and even the ordinary looked extraordinary, he paints an ordinary housefly, set in a very stylized frame borrowed from the dollar note, to emphasize its value. A play with the blank space of the canvas further emphasises the subject. He believes in following rules and so frames most of his subjects in his paintings after vast research, confining them with some sort of a regulation. He portrays this as a visual metaphor in context to contemporary socio-cultural values, the state of being “outstanding” the importance of power and beauty. He does not believe in filling the whole canvas with a painting but playing with the negative space, painting his subject with a 000 brush.” Hamal is currently doing his MFA at Beaconhouse University on a SAF UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Art Scholarship.