Letter of gratitude from Ms Pema Yangzom sister of Dorji Nidup, SAF Scholar, UMISAA

News Thimphu, Bhutan - 27th July 2020
Respected Madam,
Warm greetings from Bhutan, I am sister of Dorji Nidup who have recently returned from Pakistan to Bhutan. I would like to express my gratitude for madam's  immense support and effort in helping Dorji and Yeshi to fly back to Bhutan against all the odds imposed by the pandemic. Dorji and Yeshi have safely landed at paro and are now quarantined in Quarantine Centers in good health.
I would like to thank madam for helping the students unconditionally during their stay in Pakistan until their last days in Pakistan. I would also like to thank the warden and the staff of the University for taking care of the students in university even when the university has closed down. I would like to thank Mr. Rehan for helping the students with their transportation and finally to all the people involved in the evacuation process of Dorji and Yeshi.
Finally, my family and I will always be grateful for madam's kindness and hard work for the sake of Dorji and Yeshi's bright future. Hope one day, we can personally express our gratitude to the unseen angel from a different part of the world. Thank You.
Yours sincerely,
Pema yangzom