Renewal of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between South Asia Foundation-India and Pondicherry University

News Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India - 19th March 2022

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Pondicherry University and the South Asia Foundation-India concerning the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh School of Green Energy Technologies (UMSGET) at Pondicherry University.

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the South Asia Foundation-India, a secular, non-profit and non-political organization, located at A-33 Vasant Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057, hereinafter referred to as “SAF”, on the one part,


The Pondicherry University, a Central University, created by an Act of Parliament, located at Kalapet, Puducherry, hereinafter referred to as “University”, of the second part (hereinafter referred to as “parties”)

Sets forth the agreements reached between the parties relating to the establishment and functioning of UNESCO Madanjeet Singh School of Green Energy Technology (UMSGET) and utilization of the funds received from South Asia Foundation-India.



i)    UMSGET, named after Madanjeet Singh, the founder of South Asia Foundation-India is established at Pondicherry University with the support of South Asia Foundation-India, with the objectives of imparting advanced education and conduct of research and other related activities in Green Energy Technologies and other related areas by instituting a separate Centre for studies in Green Energy Technologies, besides other Centres and Departments, as approved by the Academic and Executive Bodies of the University. The Centre for Green Energy Technology shall offer M.Tech programme in Green Energy Technology from the academic year 2010-11 and in future any other programme as it deems fit.  This centre, for all administrative and other purposes, is a constituent unit of the University having all powers and functions to its academic and administrative officials on par with other units of the University.


ii)   The Centre for Green Energy Technology will have its own faculty. Apart from the core faculty, it will draw expertise available in the University Departments.  The Centre will also draw expertise from researchers from within India and abroad.


The UMSGET shall also have under the School, Centre for Nano Science and Technology which has its own faculty duly approved by the UGC.


iii) The Centre will offer annually at least 16 fully paid Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarships, including travel, board and lodging and tuition fees, more clearly specified in clause 9 of this MoU to South Asian students, based on gender equality, two from each of the eight SAARC countries- Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  The Centre/ University may, for reasons to be recorded, discontinue the scholarship to a scholar if he/ she is found to be delinquent towards studies and /or conduct is unbecoming.  The resultant vacancy may be filled up as may be appropriate and feasible.  The dismissals and the filling up resultant vacancies may be done with the approval of the Chapter Head.


iv)  This clause is limited to the continuation or otherwise of the SAF scholarship and does not in any way restrict UMSGET/Pondicherry University from independently enforcing its academic requirements or enforcing disciplinary action, where warranted, against any SAF Scholar as per the norms and rules in force and as applicable to all students of the UMSGET/University.



UMSGET has been established with an aim to impart advanced education, conduct research, and perform extension/outreach activities in Green Energy Technologies, and related/allied Green Technology areas, including Nano Science & Technologies.  UMSGET shall annually offer at least 16 (sixteen) Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarships for the SAARC countries.



The School, being an integral part of the University, will have the same structure as applicable for all other Schools of the University.  However, the funding by SAF for the various activities of the School listed under Para 1 & 2 of the Agreement and their utilisation will be monitored by an Advisory Council with the constitution given below:


i)   Advisory Council:

Vice-Chancellor (Ex-officio)                                                                       Chairman

President, MSF or his nominee                                                                 Member

Principal Trustee, MSF or her nominee                                                     Member

Chairperson, SAF-India, or his/her nominee                                             Member

Advisor to MSF                                                                                          Member

Director of Studies  (Ex-officio)                                                                  Member

Dean, Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technologies (Ex-officio)      Member

Dean, School of Physical, Chemical and Applied Sciences (Ex-officio)  Member

Heads of participating University Departments in the

Teaching and Research programmes of the School

(to be nominated by Vice-Chancellor)                                                       Members

Centre Head, Centre for Nano Science Technology (Ex-officio)              Member

Registrar (Ex-officio)                                                                                  Member

Finance Officer (Ex-officio)                                                                        Member

Centre Head, Centre for Green Energy Technologies                              Member-Secretary


ii)   The Advisory Council shall be responsible for monitoring the funds and advising on the utilisation of funds received from SAF-India.  The Centre Head, in consultation with the Vice Chancellor, shall convene the Advisory Council meeting as many times as may be required, but will meet at least once in a year.  The meetings of the Advisory Council could also be held using tele-conference mode. 


iii) The Centre Head, who shall be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, and he shall be responsible for the entire functioning of the Centre.  He shall present the Annual Report, the Audited Accounts, and also present the next year’s budget and activity plan for the approval of the Advisory Council.  The Centre Head shall be responsible for the entire functioning of the Centre and all its academic and extracurricular activities including coordination of courses, research fellowships and public relations and effective implementation of at least 16 (sixteen) Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarships from the SAARC countries.


iv) The term of the membership of the Advisory Council, other than ex-officio, shall be for three years, or the expiry of the MoU, whichever is earlier, and they shall be eligible for renomination.


v)  The quorum for a meeting of the Advisory Council shall be one third of the total membership of the Council.



Staff of the Centres under the UMSGET shall be appointed by the Vice Chancellor as per UGC norms and the expenditure in this regard will be borne by the University.



i)  SAF had undertaken to contribute annually a sum not exceeding US $ 200,000/- towards the establishment and operation of the School.  The SAF’s annual contribution would be based on the expenses of previous year and shall not, in any case, exceed the limit of US $ 200,000/- or its rupee equivalent, whichever is less.


ii)  It will be paid by SAF into an exclusive bank account (with appropriate FCRA clearance etc.) in two or three installments during the year as per requirement and operated only by the Finance Officer of the University.


iii) All expenditure shall be through proper approvals and sanctions of competent authorities.  The interest earned on the funds shall be used only for the activities of the School and shall not be diverted to any other activity.  All sanctions of expenditure, after approval of budget by the Advisory Council of UMSGET of University, shall be through the usual procedures adopted by the University as per University rules.  Fellowships, tenure jobs and all expenditure of recurring and non-recurring nature shall be met either by the University from UGC grant or from the annual grant of US $ 200,000 allocated by SAF-India conforming to, and on the items of expenditure specified under ‘Scholarship Implementation Regulations’ (Para 9). The MoU may be extended on terms and conditions mutually agreed upon by SAF-India and the University after completion of three years.


iv) The SAF Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarship Scheme shall be funded by the Madanjeet Singh Foundation (MSF).



In conformity with the SAF Governing Council resolution adopted in 2002 at Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France, SAF shall not fund any project without at least a matching contribution in cash or kind against SAF’s financial assistance.  Before receiving due payments of subsequent instalment of funds, UMSGET shall submit an annual Audit report and a progress report of the School to the SAF-India for onward transmission to the MSF after verification.  It is stipulated that SAF shall discontinue funding UMSGET in case the Centre fails to fully comply with SAF’s cardinal objective of promoting regional cooperation as specified in this MoU.



To match with the SAF’s contribution and in conformity with SAF Governing Council resolution of 2002, the University’s contribution shall be


i)    Space for construction for the School/Centre

ii)   Faculty

iii) Campus accommodation to the students and the visiting faculty

iv) Internet, on-line journal access, Sports, Media resources, Medical Facility and any other assets of the University

v)  Any other logistic support needed from time to time

vi) Other Academic, Administrative & support staff to the extent required, as provided in para 4 above.



This MoU shall become effective on the date on which the parties append their signatures to it and its validity is for three years.  It shall be the responsibility of the University that this MoU is subject to examination by the Authorities of the University and of the relevant laws of the land and its confirmation that it has obtained all the requisite approvals, including the FCRA, if deemed necessary and or that it is exempt from any such approval.




i)    These Regulations are binding on the Centre and strict adherence to them is  



ii)   The annual grant of funds to UMSGET shall be provided for covering the cost of at least sixteen (16) Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarships, two each from each SAARC country.  The Group Scholarship Scheme has two components, namely, ‘Scholarship expenses’ and the ‘Scholarship related expenses’ in the ratio of 70:30.   The expenditure on ‘Scholarship’ component comprises:


a)  Tuition Fees

b)  Examination Fees, if any

c)  Accomodation expenses

d)  Mess expenses

e)  Stipend

f)   Yearly To & fro travel of admitted students

g)  Special course expenses, if any

h)  Field Trips

i)    Any other related expenditure (to specify)


iii) In the ‘Scholarship Related Expenditure’, component, which must not exceed 30%  of the total expenditure annually incurred on SAF scholarships, comprise:


a)  Books and journals

b)  Computation expenses, if any

c)  Extension Lectures

d)  Workshops/ Seminars

e)  Expenses on account of Advisory Council Meetings

f)   Contingency expenses

g)  Any other related expenses (to specify)


iv) The Institute shall strictly adhere to the number of scholarships allotted, based on gender equality.  The principle is to have fair representation of all the chapters but if any Chapter is not represented for any reason, the Chapter Head may permit students of other chapters to fill up the number but not exceeding the allotted number of students.  SAF scholarships funds should only be spent on scholarships and scholarship related expenses of SAF scholars and cannot be diverted or adjusted against any other purpose.


v)    No SAF funds can be spent on construction of buildings and on infrastructures such as purchase of equipment, repairs, maintenance, etc.


vi)   Any unspent amount of annual SAF grant in a year, or interest earned on SAF funds during the year, shall be carried over to cover the cost of SAF Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarships / Scholarship Related Expenses during the subsequent year.


vii)   SAF annual instalment for the subsequent year shall be paid to the Institute on receipt of an authorized auditor’s report, giving the names of students on Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarships and itemized details of the expenditure incurred on each scholarship during the year.


viii) The Institute shall send its respective annual audit reports to SAF-India chapter, New Delhi, for verification so that they conform to these Regulations before they are forwarded to MSF Trustees for release of funds for the next year.


ix)   In order to streamline the expenditure pattern, the following four formats are prescribed for submission by the Institute on line:

(i)      Format on scholar profile;

(ii)     Half Yearly Format giving full details of expenses on ‘scholarship’


(iii)     Half Yearly Format giving full details of ‘scholarship related expenditure’; and

(iv)      Utilization Certificate incorporating the ‘scholarship’ and the ‘scholarship related expenditure’ for the whole year.



The terms of the MoU may be modified, if and when required, by the mutual consent of the parties.



Either party shall be entitled to terminate this MoU by providing the other party with three calendar months advance notice.  The termination of this MoU, for whatever reason, will not affect the rights of a party, which may have accrued as at the date of termination and will further not affect any rights, which specifically or by their nature survive the termination of this MoU.  In case of termination of the MoU all the assets acquired by the School shall become a part of the University.


In agreement of the above objectives and terms and conditions, this Memorandum of Understanding is hereby signed by the below mentioned parties on this  19th day of March 2022.





The Registrar

Pondicherry University




Mani Shankar Aiyar


South Asia Foundation-India




Pondicherry University




Supplementary Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between South Asia Foundation-India, a secular, non-profit and non-political Trust, located at A-33 Vasant Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057, hereinafter referred to as SAF, on the one part,


The Pondicherry University, a Central University, created by an Act of Parliament, located at Kalapet, Puducherry, herein after referred to as “University”, of the second part (hereinafter referred to as ‘parties’) through which SAF administers its scholarship  scheme, namely, the Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarship Scheme at the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh School of Green Energy Technology (UMSGET) of the University,

Sets forth the terms of administration of the SAF funded Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarship Scheme, more fully elaborated in the main body of the primary MOU entered between the parties.


Brief Background

  1. Consequent to the amendments notified to the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act by the Government of India on 29th September, 2020, it has become necessary to make suitable changes to the operational aspects of the scholarship scheme to meet the amended provisions of the Act.
  2. The amended Section 7 of the FCRA Act prohibits ‘transfer’ of funds to an organization, the practice hitherto followed by the parties.
  3. While the various components and the utilisation of the scholarships under the  Madanjeet Singh Group Scholarship Scheme is outlined in Para 9 of the  primary MoU entered between the parties,  the modified procedures in the implementation of the scholarship scheme is stated hereunder.


Modified procedures of implementation of SAF Scholarship Scheme

  1. These modified procedures are made in accordance with Para 10 of the primary MoU which provides for ‘Variation in the terms of MoU’.
  2. The University shall raise monthly/yearly invoice towards the components as stated in Annexure I under 70%-scholarship expenses of SAF scholars and the SAF shall settle the amounts specified in the invoices to University account.
  3. As for the living expenses of scholars is concerned under 70%-Scholarship expenses as stated in Annexure II, the University shall raise monthly/yearly invoices for the same and the SAF shall disburse the amounts directly to the individual bank accounts of SAF scholars.
  4. All bills towards 30%-Scholarship-related Expenses of SAF scholars as stated in Annexure III, the University shall raise monthly/yearly invoices for the same, payment shall be made by SAF directly to the respective agents/University who raised the bills or to the SAF scholars directly, as the case may be.

In agreement of the above terms and conditions, this Supplementary Memorandum of Understanding, is hereby signed by the parties concerned on this 14th  day of February 2022 and shall be valid for three years from the date of signing.




The Registrar

Pondicherry University






Mani Shankar Aiyar


South Asia Foundation-India





Pondicherry University