Mr. Aziz Hazara, Alumnus, UMISAA-1st Solo Artwork in Kolkata, India-' No Starting Point for Revolution', Ballygunge Place

News Ballygunge Place, Kolkata - 5th April 2023

Mr Aziz Hazara, Alumnus (2017 Batch) of UMISAA Experimenter presents No Starting Point for Revolution Ballygunge Place
Aziz Hazara
No Starting Point for Revolution

Experimenter – Ballygunge Place, Kolkata 
Opening preview: Friday, April 21 | 6 – 8 pm
21 April – 17 June, 2023

Experimenter presents No Starting Point for Revolution, Aziz Hazara’s first solo at the gallery and in the country. Hazara works across the mediums of photography, video, sound and installation. Through his works one encounters themes of memory, archive, surveillance, the panopticon and politics of representation in the backdrop of violence and war in Afghanistan.
No Starting Point for Revolution intends to address the sensibility of what it is to live in a war zone, where the body and landscape are inherently in conflict. It proposes that any search for an end to war rests on resistance to and exposure of invisible structures of power and control that uphold it and the truths that lie behind them. 

Aziz Hazara (b.1992), lives and works between Berlin and Kabul. Select exhibitions include “It’s Only Sound That Remains” Smack Mellon, Brooklyn, 2022; “Is It Morning For You Yet”, The 58th Carnegie International, Pittsburg, USA, 2022; "Penumbra", Fondazione In Between Art Film, Venice, Italy, 2022, “Gardens as Thought Form: Lexicons for Revolution” Experimenter, Kolkata, 2021; “Words At An Exhibition: Exhibition In Ten Chapters And Five Poems” Busan Biennale in Busan, South Korea, 2020; NIRIN 22nd Biennale of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, 2020; “No End in Sight”, Hessel Museum of Art Bard College in New York USA, 2020, among others. Hazara was awarded the main prize of the 6th Edition of the Future Generation Art Prize - PinchukArtCentre (2021).
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