Testimony from a Sajad Ahmad Sofi research scholar UMIKS (UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute of Kashmir Studies)

Testimony Srinagar, India - 15th May 2016

In his own words, he is a practic(z)ing lawyer! An ambitious, smart lad, Sajad is a typical Old Srinagar guy. He passes his time discussing and analysing things. He loves politics so much that he likes to be called a politician, politician of the stature of those who rule times. A risk taker, social worker, Sajad spent much of his time around Cafeteria than IKS premises. However, it didn’t bother him. Interesting! Sajad means integration. He has joined the IKS to discover the means how South Asian bond can be strengthened.



Memory & Message

Although these two years were phenomenal, all of you who made it big and large on occasions, memories are many but I would like to share two of them.

I remember when we hosted a farewell party in the Institute bidding adieu to our senior batch at UMIKS. Despite less time, we worked together and made it a success. It cast a memory for years to cherish that was in fact the first time I saw the whole class together for a beautiful episode.

I recapitulate one more occasion when Indo-Global Society for Social Service (IGSSS), an NGO, held a workshop in our Institute in 2015summer. Specially, the guest of that skill development seminar was Advocate Altaf Khan. I still remember how all mates danced to the tunes of ‘Betty-Botty bought some butter, but the butter was bitter, Betty-Botty bought some new butter, to make the bitter butter better’. Ha..Haa… The memory of such a programme is still a fresh in my mind and will continue to be so. Frankly speaking I have learned a lot from you guy’s in terms of various aspect of life and I know it’s going to help in future. ‘Hum Rahe Ya, Na Rahe Kal... Pal Yaad Ayenge Ye Pal.'

My wish for all mates is that your work is going to fill a large part of your life but always try to be sober and humane with people around you because one day we have to depart back to Him whose soul is within us. Finally, I wish and desire success, happiness and health with peace of mind for all of you. Stay happy, stay connected, God bless you all!

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