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In the media The Hindu, India - 16th October 2006

Madanjeet Singh congratulates Yunus

The UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and founder of the South Asia Foundation, Madanjeet Singh, has conveyed his congratulations to Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank, on his winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

In the media Friday Times: Pakistan's First Independent Weekly Paper - 6th October 2006

Looking for the Taliban: check Quetta

Malik Siraj Akbar writes While it is difficult to say who is or is nota Talib, one thing is clear: Quetta and other areas are swarming withpeople who are rabidly anti-US.

News 1st October 2006
News 30th September 2006

Donation for the earthquake emergency relief programme September 2006

On 30th September 2006, 224 children were placed in the care of SOS Children’s Villages while the “Search and Rescue” activities resumed.

News Kathmandu Post - 17th September 2006

The SAF-Madanjeet Singh Scholarship Programme for Vocational Training of ANM

On Sunday Urmila Aryal, Minister for Women Children and Social Welfare, appealed to the Ministry of Health to arrange a VDC-level 24-hour maternity service to save women and their babies who succumb to childbirth.

In the media Hindustan Times, New Delhi - 15th September 2006
News Jammu, India - 1st September 2006

SAF-Madanjeet Singh Vocational Training Scholarships

I would like to thank professor Dhavan for organizing an incredibly well organized trip. During the day, we were able to meet with the entire committee, including Vice Chancellor Mattoo, give out certificates to last years graduates and visit six villages.

News 30th August 2006
News 1st August 2006
News 1st July 2006

SOS Emergency Relief Programme-EQ - 1st April 2006 - 30th June 2006

At the end of June there were 187 children in the care of SOS Children's Villages. Eleven children were reunited with their families.