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News UMSAILS, Dhaka, Bangladesh - 28th June 2022

UMSAILS Announces Eight fully paid SAF Madanjeet Singh Scholarship for Academic Year 2022-23

UNESCO Madanjeet Singh South Asian Institute of Advanced Legal and Human Rights Studies (UMSAILS) aims to be a regional centre of excellence through undertaking research works and offering postā€graduate education in South Asian law....

News Thimpu, Bhutan - 28th June 2022
News Kathmandu, Nepal - 28th June 2022
News Kaiserslautern, Germany - 25th June 2022
News Pondicherry University - 23rd June 2022
News Kassel, Germany - 23rd June 2022
News Kassel, Germany - 23rd June 2022
News Kassel, Germany - 21st June 2022

Prof Salima Hashmi, Director, UMISAA, BNU, participating in Session on Art Schools of Asia with Asian art archive in Documenta15

As part of the Art Schools of Asia program by lumbung artist Asia Art Archive, this workshop is a follow-up of the public talk Art Schools of Asia: Prof Salima Hashmi, Director, UMISAA, Beaconhouse National School and Mr Zheng Shengtian on June 21, 2022, and includes members of the Art Schools of Asia seminar that Asia Art Archive has conducted online since October 2021 for their first in-person gathering.

News Art Basel, Switzerland - 17th June 2022

Mme France Marquet Principal Trustee, MSF with Mr Rashid Rana's work "TOGETHER ALONE" at Art Basel, Switzerland

Madam France Marquet, Principal Trustee, Madanjeet Singh Foundation and South Asia Foundation Representative to UNESCO in front of Mr Rashid Rana Art Work, exhibited in Art Basel. The work was purchased by a Swedish Museum. Mr Rashid Rana is the Director of UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Institute for South Asian Arts, Beconhouse National University Lahore, Pakistan

News France, Paris - 17th June 2022