Kashmiriyat: the latest SAF publication on the inauguration of the Institute of Kashmir Studies
Srinagar, 25-27 May 2008.

News 8th October 2008

On 26 May 2008, the Institute Institute of Kashmir Studies was inaugurated in Srinagar, Kashmir, by H.E. Shrimati Pratibha Patil, President of India, to promote the traditional Bhakti-Sufi-Rishi pluralistic culture of Kashmiriyat. It was commemorated by two unique and memorable events, organized by the South Asia Foundation (SAF): a music concert featuring the groups Junoon and the Singhs and an exhibition of works by South Asian women painters.

Madanjeet Singh narrates an account of these events, providing insights into the age-old links between the music and art of South Asia and the culture and traditions of Kashmiriyat.