Presentation of the book Kashmiriyat

News Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir - 11th July 2011

Visit of Dr Veena & Dr Philip Oldenburg, she teaches at the New York College, her Grandfather was a resident of Lahore Baba Dinga Singh.They migrated to Kashmir in 1947 and also left soon after.

She has also published a book 'DOWRY MURDER' by Veena Talwar, her Indian Surname, contains some memoirs of her first marriage .She writes history in first person. Dr Philip writes on SOUTH ASIAN POLITICS.

Mrs Kiran Dhar and Mr Vijay Dhar, CEO of Delhi Public School, Srinagar presented the two copies of KASHMIRIYAT and also two sets of Brochures for South Asian Students, to acquaint them with the SAF INSTITUTES OF EXCELLENCE.