Feedback from Ms Priyakala Manoharan (SAF Scholar from Sri Lanka) at UMCSAJ, 2013-14 Batch

Testimony UMCSAJ, Chennai, India - 30th May 2014

Ms Priyakala Manoharan (SAF Scholar from Sri Lanka)

New Media


Pursuing journalism occurred to me accidentally as it was not even in my distant thought. When I took it, I realised my tryst with journalism.

A philanthropist, late Madanjeet Singh offered me a life changing experience which I would not have got without his sponsorship. Thanks to his generosity and benevolence.

 I  have  through  this  professional  diploma  course  learnt  the  nuances  of  journalistic writing  to  get  the  right  message  across.  Constant writing has helped me hone the art of writing.  Communicating with people from different strata of society for reporting assignments has helped me overcome my diffidence. Now, I am able to develop rapport with strangers with ease and have developed the knack of interrogating troubled or victimised interviewees without the interviewees realising that they are being probed.

The most interesting part of the diploma course is our covering deprived areas covered with a wide range of issues in segregated places. This experience was different to reporting in the hustle and bustle of our metros.  

 Being  a  student  of  the  New  Media  Stream,  I  possess  the  ability  of  handling  the  pen  and multimedia tools with equalfineness. The global projects in association with other universities made  me  understand  the  true  value  of  journalistic  convergence.  Sound advice  and motivation given by the teachers and their helping nature at any point of time have helped me enhance my zeal in journalism.

 The  structure  of  the  diploma  course  did  not  provide  an  environment  to  sense  and  strengthen regional  cooperation  as  our  concentration  was  mostly  directed  to  acquire  journalistic  skills.

However, being budding journalists, we can be on the driver seat to connect the lesser connected region- South Asia.

Encouraging cooperation among media professionals will improve mutual understanding and stability in this region. This is because media, the bigwig in society, which can mould the way people think, opine and take sides, has a greater say in the process of regional cooperation.

The popularity of our teachers and the expanse of their knowledge have taught me the value of hard work and dedication to become a successful journalist.