Representatives from MSF and SAF with VC, registrar, Director & faculty members from UMCSAWM and SAF- Sri Lanka Alumni

News UMCSAWM, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka - 24th November 2023

In a landmark development at the UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia Water Management (UMCSAWM at the University of Moratuwa), representatives from the Madanjeet Singh Foundation and the South Asia Foundation, in collaboration with UNESCO, the Vice Chancellor, registrar, Director, and faculty members of UMCSAWM (UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Centre for South Asia Water Management), gathered for a momentous occasion. Following the inauguration of the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Water Resources Management in South Asia, the esteemed group also welcomed members from the South Asia Foundation - Sri Lanka Alumni. This event marked a pivotal step towards fostering collaboration and advancing sustainable water resource initiatives in the region.

Representatives from the Madanjeet Singh Foundation and the South Asia Foundation, alongside faculty members from UMCSAWM and SAF-Sri Lanka alumni
Left to right -1st row: faculty UMCSAWM; Mr Ram, President MSF; faculty UMCSAWM; Mr Timothy Curtis, Director and UNESCO Representative; Madam France Marquet, Principal Trustee, MSF and SAF Representative to UNESCO; Prof Salima Hashmi, Trustee, MSF and Chairperson, SAF- Pakistan; Ms Khushi Kabir, Vice Chairperson, SAF- Bangaldesh;faculty UMCSAWM; Professor. R. L. H. Lalith. Rajapakse, Director, UMCSAWM
Left to right- 2nd row: SAF scholar; faculty UMCSAWM; Dasho Ugen  Tsechup Dorji, Chairman, SAF Bhutan; Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar, Chairman, SAF-India; Mr Navin B Chawla, Advisor, MSF; Mr Farooq Sohban, Chairman, SAF- Bangladesh; Dr Nishchal N Pandey, Trustee MSF and Chairman, SAF-Nepal; Mr Arvindra Rodrigo, Chairman, SAF Sri Lanka; Mr Sunil Kumar Binjola, Director of Operations, SAF-India
Right to left- 3rd row:faculty UMCSAWM;faculty UMCSAWM; Ms Christina Hettiarachchi, Member of Advisory Board, Sri Lanka ; SAF Scholar; Dr Syeda Hameed, Trustee, MSF and Vice Chair, SAF-India; Ms Tharindi Wijekoon, SAF Scholar; Mr Armin Dobler, Trustee MSF.
4th Row: SAF Alumni and UMCSAWM faculity members