20th Annual Governing Council Meeting of South Asia Foundation held in Galle, Sri Lanka on 25 Nov, 2023

Conference Galle, Sri Lanka - 25th November 2023

The Annual Governing Council Meeting of the South Asia Foundation (SAF) and Madanjeet Singh Foundation convened on November 25, 2023, in Galle, Sri Lanka. The meeting saw active Chairpersons from the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka of  South Asia Foundation chapters.

The focal point of the gathering was the presentation of the Annual Report by the Chairpersons, providing a comprehensive overview of the foundation's activities throughout the year. The discussion extended to highlight the noteworthy achievements of SAF scholars, showcasing their accomplishments and contributions in various fields.

A key highlight was the successful placement of alumni from respective chapters in diverse roles across the globe. Chapter heads reported on the impactful roles held by SAF alumni, demonstrating the positive outcomes of the foundation's initiatives in fostering capable and globally engaged individuals.

South Asia Foundation and Madanjeet Singh Foundation Annual Governing Council Meeting held on 25 Nov 2023 in Galle, Colombo, Sri Lanka

1st row left to right:  Dr Farooq Sohban, Chairperson, SAF- Bangladesh; Dr Syeda Hameed, Trustee MSF and , Vice Chairperson, SAF- India; Mr Arvindra Rodrigo, Chairperson, SAF- Sri Lanka; Madam France Marquet, Principal Trustee, MSF and SAF Representative to UNESCO; Madam Chandrika Kumaratung, former President of Sri Lanka and Chairperson Emeritus, SAF Sri Lanka; Prof Salima Hashmi, Trustee MSF & Chairperson, SAF- Pakistan; Ms Kushi Kabir, Vice Chairperson, SAF- Bangladesh.
2nd row from left to right:-Mr Mani Shankar Aiyar, Chairperson, SAF- India; Dr Armin Dobler, Trustee MSF; Dasho Ugen Tsechup Dorji, Chairperson, SAF- Bhutan; Mr Navin B Chawla, Advisor, MSF;  Mr Timothy Curtis, Director and UNESCO Representative ; Dr Nishchal N. Pandey, Trustee MSF and , Chairperson, SAF- Nepal; Mr N Ram, Trustee, President, MSF

The meeting also delved into the current status of scholars, with detailed insights into their progress and contributions. Emphasis was placed on the future roadmap, with plans outlined to strengthen the foundation through strategic initiatives and the exploration of optimal opportunities.

Of significance was the mention of receiving nominations through online applications, indicating a growing interest and engagement with the foundation's programs. This trend not only signifies the foundation's expanding reach but also underscores the increasing recognition of its role in nurturing talent and fostering meaningful connections across the region.

The Annual Governing Council Meeting concluded with a shared commitment to furthering the foundation's mission and enhancing its impact in the coming year. The collaborative efforts of the chapters and the dedication of SAF scholars were celebrated as integral components of the foundation's success