Md. Saimum Reza Talukder Piash

Testimony Dhaka, Bangladesh - 16th November 2009

Good evening Sir!

With due respect, I would like to state that I am Piash, a student of Law from University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Also, I am involved in some extra-curricular activities such as Scouting, Theater group, Debating club, environment movement etc. Since I am involved in all these activities, I met some young, creative, enthusiastic friends from all over the world. Specially I am fortunate to meet the friends from the SAARC countries. And I wonder every time that our values are almost the same when I shared my views with them. I become more wondered when I think about the 1947 partition although we share almost the same culture, heritage, value. In fact, some of my friends (both from home and abroad) share the same view. Often we discuss about the history, politics, economics, geography regarding the partition of 1947. We feel that the partition was the greatest mistake by the people of this sub-continent. We also feel that although we made mistake, still we can work together to make this South Asia a developed world. But before all these, we must learn from the loopholes and mistakes of the history. So we are collecting information from the various means.

Last year, I attended the 6th SAF Scout Friendship Camp in Bangladesh. There, I received the book "Kashmiriyat" written by you. Thank you so much for the book for providing some information about the Kashmir. But unfortunately I did not get the book "The Sasia Story". I think this book is an wonderful source of important information about the 1947 partition and the aftermath. Other Scouts who got the "Sasia Story", highly appreciated you for the contents of the Sasia Story. As I am highly interested in this topic, I will be really happy if I got this book. It will be great help to me if I got other publications of you related with the South Asia and 1947 partition.

With due respect, my humble submission to you is to send me a copy of "The Sasia Story" and oblige thereby.

Sincerely yours
Md. Saimum Reza Talukder Piash
Undergraduate student (3rd year)
Dept. of Law, University of Chittagong