Proposal for the Admission of the Students for the year 2006-07 under Project PPERA

News 14th June 2007

In Kashmir province there are 89 educational zones having 1165 schools with Pre-Primary education facilities set up by private agencies.
Districts wise details are as under:

S. No. Name of the District No. of Educational zone No. of Private Schools
Providing pre-Primary Education
1 Srinagar 12 297
2 Budgam 12 101
3 Anantnag 18 264
4 Pulwama 12 193
5 Baramulla 22 231
6 Kupwara 13 79
  Total 89 1 165

The above statistics lends support to believe that rural areas lack far behind than Urban areas in the matter of facilities for Pre-Primary Education. The district of Kupwara, Budgam and Pulwama have the lowest number of Pre-Primary schools and therefore, the effort of Project PPERA team has been to establish as many as possible schools in the area under Project PPERA.

To start with 33 educated girls were selected for the 1st batch in the year 2003 and 32 girls for the second batch in the year 2004. Out of 33 girls of 1st batch, 29 girls successfully completed the course ans out of 32 girls of 2nd batch, 27 girls have successfully completed the said course.

The teaching and furniture has been distributed to successful candidates of 1st batch and have estrablished 25 schools 2nd batch have established 25 schools under Project PPERA (funded by Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Madanjeet Singh).

After this, post support i.e., furniture or teaching aids were not given this was with drawn. It is expected that 25 schools will established in the third phase by 3rd batch of students and total 75 pre-primary schools will come up soon by March 2008. (Touring of all schools will be completed by the end of August 2007).

It is pertinent to add here that post training support ie., furniture and teaching aids were given only to first batch of students and was withdrawn bv SAF funding for the subsequent batches.

However it is essential that we include post support in the form of basic furniture and teaching aids to the forth coming batch as this provide a strong motivational factor and basic boost for the candidates to start their own school and also helps in recognition of the schools by J&K Secondary Board of School Education.

For the 4th batch, 35 girls have been admitted for the course under project PPERA in the month of June 2006. They have completed their course & practical training. At the moment efforts are being made to establish as many as possible schools under Project PPERA and is being continuously monitored by the Project team.

It is proposed that admission to fifth batch under project PPERA for year 2007-08 will be carried again by financial support from South Asia foundation. The procedure for selection will be as follows:

1. Criteria for selection of Candidates for 2007-08

  1. Girls will be admitted on exchange basis from Jammu and Kashmir province at 50% each after proper advertisement, motivation and campaigning. Both the Directors from Jammu as well as Kashmir will personally do touring and motivate the girls.
  2. Girls  will be admitted from both Rural and Urban areas.
  3. Total number of girls admitted will be not more than 30.
  4. Efforts will be made to admit girls both Muslim and Non Muslim at least 50% each.
  5. Girls from Kashmir and outside the valley who need hostel accomodation will be provided same after making arrangement with some women hostels which are running in the valley in order to have less expenditure on boarding and lodging component.
  6. The cost of the Application form charged from the candidates will be Rs. 25 only.

2. Duration and Course Structure

  1. Medium of Instruction: English.
  2. Duration of the course: 9 months.
  3. Syllabus: Same as of batch 2006-2007.

3. Selection Procedure of the Candidates

  1. Advertisement notice will be given in all local dailies for inviting application for admissions and personal touring will be done by the Project Director.
  2. Candidates will be selected through interview procedure.

Contribution of Kashmir University:
Providing infrastructure for training programme e.g., maintenance costs and repair also, as well as human resource contribution as part time teaching and assistance of non teaching staff. Expertise for planning, implementing and monitoring of the project.

Prof. (Mrs.) Nilofer Khan
I/C Director, Project PPERA

SAF Vocational Training

Anjum Khan, a recent graduate (2006-07) share the premises ( 3 rooms on the ground floor for her school) with her family living in the upper floor.

SAF Vocational Training

Afroza in Gandherbal, has introduced uniform for the students. The school on the ground floor is undergoing renovation and a new floor is being built to accommodate her and the family, as enrollment in the school has increased significantly since her brother received the computer promised by SAF to be used for education.